Friday, April 30, 2010

Light the fires, kick the tires.

Enough fondling that copy of "Milepost"! It's time to start across two time zones and 2,900 miles to Ninilchik, Alaska. As you can see our Montana spring has taken a bit of a hit. The forecast for our departure tomorrow is for clear roads and warming temperatures. We're only going 225 miles west over to Missoula to see friends the first day out, but we have the Cardwell Hill and Homestake Pass to cross on I-90.

Speaking of the "Milepost" I found another neat Alaska travel resource - Bell's Travel Guides - they are free, but you have to cough up the postage to get them to your door. Good stuff, kind of like the "Milepost" on a strict diet.
We'll sleep in the trailer tonight and then off we go in the morning.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Getting Geared Up

We're getting ready to roll north to Alaska for the summer. This will be our fourth trip, this year we'll be campground hosting on the Kenai Peninsula. We're to report for duty May 15th, so we'll shove off May 1st and take our time heading up. We'll leave our house in Bozeman, Montana and head over to Spokane, Washington to pick up our travel buddies Rich and Lin and then our merry mini-caravan will trundle north to the tune of 300 miles a day.

We are getting geared up! Our 27 foot Arctic Fox fifth wheel trailer has new shoes, as does the truck, and we bought and installed a catalytic heater. Joyce has been busy packing the larder, by the looks of it you'd guess all we eat is spaghetti!

It's snowing hard  here in Bozeman right now, so we'll see if we can get the rig off the lawn come Saturday morning!