Thursday, August 19, 2010

Chena Hot Springs

The soft life gets even better! We drove the hour out to Chena Hot Springs this afternoon and soaked in the outdoor pool until we were wrinkled (ok, make that MORE wrinkled) and limp. They perform the small miracle of taking the 156 degree spring water, tempering it down to 105 degrees and filling a gravel lined pond for one's basking pleasure. As a bonus no kids are allowed in the outside pool. What's not to like?

The ride out was fun also, the hot springs are literally at the end of the road.

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  1. Hi,
    I was following a blog and one day happend on yours. We were just starting our 4th motor home trip to Alaska and so enjoyed your blog. Well, we made it to Valdez and had plans on hanging out in Alaska until mid-Sept. But wasn't to be. We left Valdez for home June 23rd. But we are still enjoying all your pictures and seeing places we have yet to explore. Wonderful Blog.
    Elwyn & Judy Bowker - Harbor, Oregon